Meadow cornflower (Centaurea jacea L.)

Meadow cornflower is a perennial plant belonging to the Aster family, or Compositae.


Stem straight, 40-70 cm tall, covered with lanceolate leaves, slightly rough; flower baskets on the tops of the stem and branches, equipped with a tiled wrapper, each leaflet of which is widened at the top into a black fringed appendage; marginal flowers funnel-shaped, pink, median – tubular, dark pink. Blooms all summer. Grows in meadows, slopes, forest clearings. Occurs frequently.

Contains active substances:

The grass contains tannins, centaurin (xanthoglycoside)

Medicinal use:

A decoction of cornflower inflorescences is drunk for heart diseases, headaches, stomach pains, diseases of the uterus; make baths for rheumatism; with diathesis, children’s eczema, they bathe babies, when muscles and tendons are stretched, they are covered with steamed grass.

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