Acanthopanax gracilistylus (Acanthopanax gracilistylus)

Acanthopanax elegant -columnar is a large branched shrub with a dense crown of leaves and sometimes covered with small thorns. Other names: Tselebnik, Stosil


The height of this plant is 3-5 m, the leaves of Acanthopanax up to 12 cm long are petiolate, five-fingered-complex, the leaves are almost sessile, rusty-pubescent along the veins below, covered with small spikes. They have an elliptical shape, pointed at the tips, the base is maple-shaped. The flowers are small, dark brown or dark purple, forming an umbrella. Blooms in August. The fruit is a small black berry, slightly flattened, inedible, containing two seeds. Widely distributed in China (Yuan Province).

Medicinal use:

In Chinese medicine, it is customary to use the bark of konrney, for weakness or softness of the tendons and bones caused by chronic kidney or liver failure, especially in the elderly with blood stasis; as a diuretic for edema; with rheumatism.

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