Fragrant iovan (Trachyspermum)

Iowan fragrant – An annual cultivated plant from the umbrella family – Apiaceae (Umbelliferae). Other names: Indian cumin, Ajgon


The stem of the azhgon is erect and branched. Leaves are twice or thrice pinnatisected, terminal segments with narrow linear segments. The flowers are white (or purple) in an inflorescence that is a complex umbrella. The small dark brown fruit has an ovoid shape and a rough surface, has a strong peculiar spicy smell, somewhat reminiscent of thyme, the fruit tastes bitter.

Contains active ingredients:

The fruits contain 2-11% essential oil with the main component thymol (40-60%), as well as 15-30% fatty oil and within 15% proteins.

Medicinal use:

The essential oil contained in the fruits of the plant consists of 50% thymol, which has strong antiseptic properties. In many states, the fruits of iovan are used in folk medicine, for example, in India, it is widely used to treat cholera, colic, etc. In Asian states as carminative, diuretic, gastric diseases, epilepsy, hypotensive.

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