Common quince (Cydonia oblonga Mill.)

Common quince is a monotypic genus of woody plants in the Rosaceae family.


Tree up to 3 m tall (or large shrub), with erect branches and gray tomentose-pubescent ovate leaves. The flowers are apple-like, reddish-white, sometimes larger. Pear-shaped fruits. In the wild state, it is found in Transcaucasia, Iran, Afghanistan; cultivated almost everywhere. Flowers solitary, white or pink. The fruit is a yellow apple, can reach 3 kg. Unripe fruits are felty pubescent with stony cells in the pulp. Numerous varieties differ in the structure of leaves, flowers and fruits.

Contains active substances:

Fruits contain up to 12% sugars, organic acids, tannins, pectins, vitamin C, fatty oil.

Medicinal properties:

Mucus acts as an emollient for inflammation; seed extract is sometimes still used as a cough remedy. Fruits are used mainly in processed form (compotes, juices, jams), wood – for joinery.

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