Abroma high (Abroma augusta L.)

Abroma high – the name Aborma in Greek means “inedible plant”, unlike other types of Theobroma (Chocolate tree)


Perennial or shrub from the Sterculian family – Sterculiaceae, distributed from India to China and Northern Australia. Cultivated in Southeast Asia, West and East tropical Africa. East India, South China, the Malay Archipelago, Northern Australia are considered the homeland of high abroma. Shrubs or small trees up to 3m tall. The leaves in the upper part of the shoot are entire, oval-lanceolate, the lower ones are 3-5 lobed. The flowers are collected in racemes, 4-5 cm in diameter, purple-red.

Medicinal use:

Roots and root bark are used as medicinal raw materials as a uterine, tonic and regulating menstruation agent. Fiber for export is obtained from the bark in the tropics. It is used in some Asian traditional medicines, and is also approved for medical use in a number of Western European countries.

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