Zharnovets panicled


Legumes – Fabaceae (Leguminosae).

Parts used: flowering shoots, rarely roots and seeds.

Pharmacy name: Zarnovets herb – Sarothamni scoparii herba (formerly: Herba Sarothamni scoparii), Zharnovtsy root – Sarothamni scoparii radix (formerly: Radix Sarothamni scoparii), Zharnovtsy seeds – Sarothamni scoparii semen (formerly: Semen Sarothamni scoparii).

Botanical description. Zarnovets grows in groups, reaching 1-2 m in height. It has a powerful tap root, bright green stems with twig-like five-sided branches. The flowers are of a typical legume structure, large, golden yellow. Blooms in May-June. Found along railroad tracks. Zharnovets is also common along highways passing through pine forests, and on dry sandy forest edges, on sunny hillsides and on the sandy plains of Northern Germany.

active substances. The main active ingredient is the alkaloid sparteine, but there are other alkaloids besides it, which, apparently, also have a therapeutic effect. Alkaloids are accompanied by bitterness, tannins, biogenic amines, essential oil, flavone glycosides.

Healing action and application.It should immediately be emphasized that only a doctor can undertake treatment with Zharnovtsy. In his hands are two properties of this plant or products from it, which are of great value. First of all, Zharnovets acts on the conduction system of the heart; pathologically accelerated formation of impulses, high excitability of the conduction system are reduced. The condition of the patient improves with atrial and ventricular flutter, also with extrasystole. They can treat cardiac arrhythmias of various origins. The great advantage of this medicinal plant is its good tolerance even with long-term use, when a long course of treatment is needed. But, I repeat, only a doctor can prescribe Zharnovets, and it should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor. Sparteine ​​is comparable in action to such alkaloids as quinine and quinidine, therefore, the second aspect of the use of Zharnovets is the treatment of gynecological bleeding. The German National Health Service recommends Zharnovets as an additional therapeutic agent for circulatory disorders and low blood pressure.

Use in homeopathy. The homeopathic remedy Sarothamnus scoparius is used primarily in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and excitability of the conduction system of the heart. Assign it in breeding D 1 – D6 several times every day, 5-10 drops. Against allergic skin diseases, this remedy is taken in dilution D 1 -D 1 2.

Application in folk medicine. According to one of the authorities of folk medicine P.A. Mattiolus, Zarnovets reduces bleeding, is useful for urolithiasis, gout and rheumatism, rashes and lichen, also as a heart remedy. However, due to possible poisoning or fear of it, traditional medicine is not too fond of zharnovets.

Side effects. With a significant overdose, paralysis is possible, poisoning can lead to cardiac arrest. In this case, it will be necessary to provide first aid even before the arrival of the doctor: wash the stomach, give the patient activated charcoal and strong coffee. Do not use during menstruation or pregnancy.

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