Ledum marsh


Heather – Ericaceae.

Common names: wild rosemary, moth herb.

Pharmacy name: wild rosemary herb – Ledi palustris herba (formerly: Herba Ledi palustris).

Botanical description. Evergreen shrub 1-1.5 m tall, with erect branches, coarse, leathery, linear-lanceolate leaves and white (sometimes to pink-red) flowers in a terminal umbellate inflorescence. It grows in the north and east of Europe, in the north of Asia, in North America. In Central Europe, it forms thickets on raised bogs, sometimes large in area.

Active ingredients: essential oil, tannins, bitterness, flavone glycosides, arbutin and a number of other substances. It is used for whooping cough, rheumatism and skin rashes; in homeopathy – for bronchitis, rheumatism and gout, as well as for all kinds of skin diseases.

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