Belozor marsh

Popular names: single leaf, student rose, marsh heart leaf, white liver flower.

Parts Used: Flowering above-ground part of the plant.

Pharmacy name: marsh belozor herb – Parnassiae palustris herba (formerly: Herba Parnassiae palustris).

Botanical description. From a basal rosette of entire heart-shaped leaves with long petioles, a ribbed erect stem grows, which bears a single stem-bearing leaf. Its top is decorated with a pure white single flower. On the petals, completely transparent veins are striking. The inner part of the flower is also remarkable: 5 white fringed appendages – modified stamens. Blooms from July to August. Occurs in swampy meadows, in damp ditches and swamps.

Collection and preparation. Collect grass during flowering. It is easy and quick to air dry. The active ingredients have not yet been studied enough. Along with tannic, there must be other active substances, without which it is impossible to explain some of the actions of this plant.

Healing action and application. Undoubtedly, this medicinal plant has been studied very little. In this regard, great care is needed in handling it. Therefore, take what is presented here as information, and not as a guide to application. With the help of Belozor, apparently, it is possible to alleviate palpitations, nervous anxiety, a state of excitement and fears. Sometimes I read and hear that when treated with Belozor, epileptic seizures are less severe. This information, however, is not sufficient to purposefully use the Bolotny Belozor, but it is quite enough to draw appropriate attention to it.

Application in folk medicine. Belozor was given the name “white liver flower” by the people, since, as older herbalists say, it “opens a closed liver.” So, this medicinal plant is used against all kinds of diseases of the liver, biliary tract and disorders of the digestive tract. However, Belozor is not particularly popular in folk medicine.

Side effects. Since very little is known about this plant, caution is necessary.

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