Mary ragweed

Popular names: American antihelminthic herb, Jesuit tea, Carthusian tea, fragrant gauze. Pharmacy name: ambrosia mari oil – Chenopodii (ambrosioidis) oleum (formerly: Oleum Chenopodii [ambrosioidis]).

Botanical description. A highly variable herbaceous plant. The stem reaches a height of mostly 30-60 cm, branched. The leaves are alternate, up to 10 cm long. Greenish millimeter flowers are collected in few-flowered glomerular bunches. Grows in Central Europe, Russia, Western India, North Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Chile.

Active ingredients: essential oil with ascaridol, cymol and terpenol.

Application. In folk medicine, ragweed oil was previously used as an antihelminthic and to stimulate appetite, sometimes as a tonic; in homeopathy – with liver diseases (jaundice), also with a stroke.

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