Norichnik Caucasian

Perennial herbaceous plant 50-100 cm high with a tuberous-knotty thickened rhizome. The stem is erect and ribbed, not often reddish in color, glabrous, only along its upper part and pedicels there are small glandular hairs. The leaves are cross-opposite, dark green, oblong or ovate, doubly serrate. The flowers are small, pink-violet, collected in paniculate inflorescences on the tops of peduncles. Blooms all summer. The fruit is a multi-seeded boll, opening along the partition into 2 leaves.

It grows in the Caucasus region among moist forests, in shady and humid places and along roadsides.

Medicinal raw materials are rhizomes with tubers. Preparations of norichnik in the form of an infusion or decoction are drunk as a good blood purifier for skin itching, skin rashes, furunculosis and other skin diseases, also for inflamed lymph nodes, goiter, neoplasms and articular arthritis.


Infusion: 1 teaspoon of raw materials insist 2-3 hours in 1 glass of boiling water and drink the entire infusion throughout the day (daily dose).

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