The wind is hairy

Hieracium piloselia L.

Asteraceae family – Asteraceae, or Compositae – Compositao


What does it look like? A perennial herbaceous plant 50-60 cm (sometimes with a flower arrow) tall. Shoots are formed from the rosette, usually numerous, with increasingly smaller leaves towards the end of the shoot. The leaves of the rosette are green or bluish on top, bilobed, lanceolate or oblong-inverted-ovate on the bottom. The stem is completed with a basket, the flowers are yellow, tongue-shaped, often with reddish stripes on the petals. Blooms in May – June, sometimes until October.

Where does it grow? On meadows and dry meadows, on dams, abundantly on sandy soil throughout Ukraine, rarely in Crimea.

What and when are collected? The whole plant together with the root or the baskets themselves, during flowering.

When is it used? As a means that stops bleeding from the lungs, uterus, intestines in dysentery, hemorrhoids, catarrh of the colon; with bronchitis, with liver diseases (its swelling), with jaundice and as a means that promotes the secretion of gastric juice in case of insufficient acidity (coumarin derivatives work – umbelliferone, bitterness, mucus, resin, tannins, flavone, which is in flowers, manganese) .

Used in the form of tea. Take 1-2 teaspoons of flowers for 1 cup of boiling water and infuse for 10 minutes. They drink 1 glass in the morning (on an empty stomach) and 1 in the evening, in sips (it has a somewhat diuretic effect and therefore the fresh plant is used in uremia. The amount of urine increases, the content of urea in the blood decreases. Complaints about headache, nausea, insomnia decrease).


In case of anemia, use a mixture of (equal) nechuyvetra and ordinary lovage – 1 teaspoon per 1 glass of boiling water; in case of jaundice, 1 teaspoon of powdered nechuivytra herb is taken three times a day.

Wounds are sprinkled with a powder from nechuyiwind , in other cases, they are washed with the above-mentioned steam or lotions are made. You can also do a hot vapor douching of the vagina for baldness in women, twice a day (it has an anti-inflammatory effect, has an astringent effect, heals wounds and ulcers).

With a strong runny nose, they sniff a powder made from crushed leaves of the nechuivtrum.

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