An annual herbaceous plant from the balsam family with an increased juicy knotted stem and oblong-ovate leaves. Lemon-yellow flowers of irregular shape, with a spur, collected in a brush. Impatiens blooms in July-August. The fruit is an oblong capsule.

Grows in damp shady forests and ravines, banks of rivers, streams, cultivated in gardens.

Medicinal raw materials are grass, stems, leaves, flowers, which are collected during the flowering period.

An infusion of herbs in small doses is drunk with dropsy, kidney and bladder stones, and as an emetic.

Externally, the plant is used for washing wounds and for baths for rheumatic pains, dislocations. Crushed fresh leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect, they are applied to wounds, ulcers and hemorrhoidal bumps. In folk medicine, the plant is used orally for impotence.

It is used as an infusion, but with great care: the plant is poisonous.

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