Roofing sealant – roofing sealant

Sempervivum tectorum (Sempervivum tectorum); young roofer


A perennial herbaceous plant of the broad-leaved family. The stem is straight, glandular-pubescent, leafy, 24-45 cm high, with a rosette of leaves at the base; barren shoots – in the form of dense spherical rosettes of leaves. The leaves of the rosette are bare on both sides, short-ciliated only at the edges, oblong or obovate, with a pointed reddish tip. Flowers are actinomorphic, bisexual, 12-membered, stellate, in corymbose inflorescences; petals pink-purple, linear-lanceolate, pointed, hairy, twice as long as the calyx. The fruit is a leaf. Blooms in July – September.

Spread. The roofing material comes from the mountains of Central Europe. On the territory of Ukraine, it is grown as an ornamental plant; sometimes it occurs wildly on ants, roofs and rocky places.

Raw. For the manufacture of medicines, fresh leaves of the young tree are used, which are collected in July – September. Sometimes dry leaves are also used.

The plant is unofficial.

Chemical composition . The young leaves contain tannins, resins, organic acids and sedoheptose.

Pharmacological properties and use . A decoction of fresh leaves is taken internally for stomach ulcers, diarrhea, algomenorrhea, and metrorrhagia, and a cold infusion is used for febrile conditions and inflammation of the respiratory organs. They are also used as an external remedy. A decoction of the leaves is used as a rinse for sore throats and as a rub for prolonged sunburn. Warts and corns are removed with fresh juice, wounds and swellings are treated. Fresh crushed leaves can be used to treat wounds and swellings. Crushed leaves or juice, mixed with vegetable oil or lard, are used for warts, ringworm, bruises, burns, various skin inflammations, aphthae, etc.

Medicinal forms and applications. Internally – a decoction of leaves (4 g of raw material per 200 ml of boiling water, boil for 9 minutes) three-quarters of a glass 2-3 times a day;

2-3 crushed leaves of the plant are poured with cold boiled water, infused overnight and drunk during the day in 2-3 doses.

Externally – decoction of leaves (12 g of raw material per 200 ml of boiling water, boil for 9 minutes) for rinsing or rubbing.

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