rejuvenated shoot-bearing

Perennial. The stem is 20-25 cm tall, the leaves are alternate, fleshy, forming a dense spherical rosette, which can bud small rosettes. Flowers in a corymbose semi-umbrella, numerous, pale yellow or greenish, with upward protruding petals, sepals and petals 6 each. Blossoms in June-August.

It grows in sandy places and in pine forests.

The grass contains organic acids, especially malic acid.

In folk medicine, the fresh herb is eaten with honey or sugar for heart failure; crushed with pork fat and the ointment is applied to festering, long-term healing wounds and fistulas; ointment is used for dislocation.

A fresh plant is applied to hemorrhoidal bumps and calluses, cuts, abrasions.

An infusion of the herb is used internally for epilepsy.

The juice of the leaves is smeared with burns, bee stings, summer acne.

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