Myrtle zvichayny – ordinary myrtle

Evergreen bush of the birthplace of myrtle, 40-80 cm zavviski. The leaves are opposite, lanceolate, smell when rubbed. The tickets are two-state, correct, 5-pelyustkov, white, placed one by one or by sprat in the axils of the leaves. Plid is a bluish-black berry. The color of the chervni is linden.

Width. Walk around the Mediterranean. In Ukraine, in Pivdenny Krym, it is cultivated as decorative and ethereal roslin.

Sirovina. Vykoristovuyut leaves, choose the hour of myrtle blossom.

Roslin is unofficial .

Chemical warehouse . Roslin to avenge the ethereal ole.

Pharmacological power and victory . Galenic products Myrtle of great antimicrobial power. In viglyadі vіvaru or tinctures of їх vzhivayut in the treatment of angina, bronchitis, tuberculosis, legenia and influenza infections. In ancient medicine, these fruits were planted on wine like an elixir, which gives people health, continues life.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya. Internally – tincture of the leaf (with spivvіdnoshennі 1:5, 70% alcohol) 25-30 drops 3 times a day for 5-7 days (if necessary, repeat the course of the liquor after a 5-day break) .

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