Maczek yellow (glaucium)

A biennial plant 20-65 cm high with branched stems and a bluish color along all stems. Basal leaves are numerous, lyre-pinnately dissected (5-30 cm long), stem leaves are small, semi-stem-embracing, broadly ovate. The flowers are bright orange-yellow, petals without spots, large, rounded (1.5-3.7 cm long). Blooms in May-July. The fruits are cylindrical capsules, similar to pods, up to 20-25 cm long, seated with small whitish tubercles. The pod opens from top to bottom. The fruits ripen in June-August.

Machek yellow is common in the Crimea along the sea coast. Cultivated in the Krasnodar Territory.

Medicinal raw materials in folk medicine are leaves and seeds.

Powder from the seeds is taken orally in very small doses (on the tip of a knife), washed down with warm boiled water for coughs of any origin, inflammation of the respiratory tract and as an expectorant.

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