Potentilla erectus

Name: Potentilla erectus

Rosaceae – Rosaceae.

Popular names: galangal, blood root, red root, seven fingers, diarrheal root, uzik.

Parts used: rhizome.

Pharmacy name: galangal rhizome – Tormentillae rhizoma (formerly: Rhizoma Tormentillae).

Botanical description. Perennial plant with a powerful, unevenly thickened rhizome. Immediately after cutting or breaking it is white, but very soon becomes intense red. Numerous forked-branched stems, straight or ascending, 10-40 cm in height depart from the rhizome. Stem leaves are palmate-southern, sessile or with a very short petiole. At the ends of the stems are single yellow flowers with 4 petals. Blooms from March to May (June). The plant is widespread. It willingly settles on both sandy and wet marshy soils, but cannot grow without good sunlight and heat. It can often be found on slopes, heaths and pastures, forest clearings and slopes.

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