An annual or biennial herbaceous plant 20-40 cm tall. The stem is strongly branched, with obovate, entire, gray tomentose-pubescent leaves on both sides. The flowers are white or pink. The structure of the flowers is like that of other labiales. Blooms in July-August.

Marjoram is native to Northwest Africa. Cultivated in gardens.

For medicinal purposes, the apical parts of the stems with leaves and flowers are used.

Raw materials contain 1-2% essential oil, 4-5% tannins, resinous substances.

The action of raw materials is antiseptic, preservative and antispasmodic; has a calming effect on the central nervous system; stimulates the activity of the stomach and intestines.


With achilia, vomiting, stomach cramps, an infusion of 4 teaspoons of crushed raw materials per glass of boiling water is used; half a glass 3 times every day.

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