Lovage officinalis – lovage likarsky (veterinary practice)

Botanical characteristic. Umbrella family. Perennial herbaceous plant, with a massive, branched, brownish-yellow root. The stem is straight, hollow, glabrous, branched upwards, reaching a height of 100-200 cm, diameter at the base 3 cm. The leaves are large, dark green, shiny, lower double-pinnate, upper pinnate. The flowers are collected in complex umbrellas, small, light yellow. Blooms in June – July.

Spreading. It is found in Ukraine, cultivated in gardens, within houses in the southern and southwestern regions of the European part of the USSR.

Medicinal raw materials. Use the roots of the plant, which are harvested in the fall and dried in the usual manner.

Chemical composition. The roots of the plant contain 0.6-1% essential oil, which contains 1-terpinol.

pharmacological properties. A decoction of the roots of the plant has a diuretic and secretolytic effect, stimulates appetite and relieves stomach cramps. After ingestion, a decrease in cardiac activity and a decrease in shortness of breath are noted. The decoction has a beneficial effect on intestinal motility and reduces the formation of gases.

Application. It is prescribed for diseases of the kidneys and bladder, for edema to increase diuresis, to stimulate the secretion of bile, for heart diseases accompanied by edema, for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as an expectorant. A decoction is prepared from 5 g of crushed roots per 200 ml of water. Approximately for calves, such a decoction is prescribed 2 tablespoons 3 times every day.

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