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Linaria vulgaris Mill.

Rannikovi family — Scrophulariaceae


What does it look like? Perennial herb 30-40 cm tall. Stems are straight or directed upwards. The leaves are linear, lanceolate, densely placed on the stems. The flowers are collected in dense, oblong apical clusters.

The corolla is double-lipped, with a spur and a closed throat, pale yellow, with an orange spot on the convex part of the lower lip. Blooms in June – September.

Where does it grow? Almost throughout the territory of Ukraine — along roads, on slopes, along borders, among crops, along dry ditches. Weed is a wild lion’s mouth, mouths. It does not grow only in the south of the Steppe and in the Northern Crimea. It is found, however, in the mountains of Crimea.

What is collected? Flowering tops.

When is it used? With atony, flatulence, constipation, hemorrhoids, as a choleretic, diuretic and carminative agent, with urinary incontinence.

Due to the influence of biological mediators and the presence of a large amount of organic acids, it is a good pain reliever in urolithiasis, acting as a weak diuretic in uric acid diatheses, especially phosphaturia (it acidifies urine, which often has an alkaline reaction in those cases, and thereby promotes the removal of urinary salts).

Used in the form of tea. For 1 cup of boiling water, take 1 tablespoon of fennel grass and infuse for 10 minutes. They drink 1 glass in the morning and in the evening. (Half smaller doses are used in Meniere’s disease – with dizziness, vomiting and headache).

In case of jaundice, 1 tablespoon of a mixture of flax grass , cumin flowers and corn stalks (hair) in a ratio of 1.5: 1.5: 1 is infused in 1 glass of boiling water for 10 minutes (alkaloid peganine, organic acids and tannins, glycosides linarin, neolinarin are effective , pectolinarin).

For the treatment of hemorrhoids, an ointment is prepared: take 1 tablespoon of linden flowers , oak bark, and pepper mustard herb per 1 glass of melted lard and infuse them, stirring from time to time, for 12 hours. Then it is heated more strongly, filtered and poured into a jar. The ointment is thickly smeared on a piece of gauze and injected into the anus. Such a tampon in the form of soap should be kept for 4-5 hours: it soothes unbearable pain, reduces inflammation and stops bleeding. In case of eczema, lichen, a similar ointment is used from only the flowers of the linden.

The steam washes the face with blackheads, pustules, rashes, and also instills the eyes in case of inflammation of the eyes and eyelids.

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