Lion dovgunets



Linum usitatissimum L.

Homeland Lionovі – Linaceae


How do you look? Odnorichna grassy roslina. The stem is straight, naked, at the upper part of the gilliaste. Tickets were taken from the upper volost, a vine of five wrapped-ovoid blue peles.

Plid – a spherical box, as if five seams are opened. The latter is flattened-ovoid, light brown, lustrous. Blossom on the cob of summer.

De growth? Cultivated throughout the territory of Ukraine as an important olive and fibrous roslin.

What to pick? Last autumn.

When to stall?We have cyanogenic glycoside linamarin, which excites microflora and її rotten products and painlessly (large doses can be irritating and unsmooth and slug), mucus (20%), pectin, fatty oil, protein, organ, carbohydrates regulate the secretory and motor functions of the intestines, not causing changes in mineral metabolism and inducing in case of malnutrition, without stimulating the intestines, to control the appearance of other prone ones. The last of the lyon of the splendid is zasіb obvolіkalny, protizapalny, vіdkharkuvalny, pom’yakshuvalny and slightly carried. Nastіy nasіnnya vglyadі mucus vzhivayut vzivayut in the middle with inflamed mucous membranes of the dichal passages (with bronchitis), with chronic diseases of the mucosal-intestinal tract (gastritis, chronic colitis; with colitis, creamy mucus, with more vicarious colitis).

Nasty mucus is also used in cases of badly acidic hives, in case of acute virazkovy ailment and inflamed sich mikhura.

Stop at the sight of the infusion. 2 table spoons of whole, unseasoned nasinnya are poured into 2 bottles of sprinkles or hot milk, let it boil, 10 quills are taken, filtered through gauze and vzhivayut 150-170 ml of sprat once a day. Prepare without intermediary before implantation, more quickly psuetsya.

When burning nirok and sich mіkhur, they also live in infusions of 1 tablespoon of dry herb flax for 1 glass of okrop – 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

Zovnіshnyo zastosovuyt nasіnnya lyon for poultices and painful poultices. Two small bears are filled with cilim, incomparable nasinny, for 1 quill they are stuffed into okrip or hot milk and hot, hot, applied to boils, carbuncles, sore spots.

Nasty at the sight of mucus is used for rinsing, douching, enemas.

They rejoice in fresh olive oil in case of dysentery, hemorrhoids, stones of nirok and mukhur, constipation. Live її 1 tablespoon of sprat once a day,

Flaxseed oliya (6-8 tablespoons for 2 bottles of water or brew of chamomile flowers) is mixed with camphor oliya for rubbing with aches in the legs. Opiki rejoice at the summish (poorly) of flaxseed oil and vape water (discomfortably soothing) or the summishshyu relatively zmishany at the dance 1 flask of flaxseed oil and 4 orphan eggs.

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