Bulb onion – tsibula gorodnya (harvesting and storage)

L. Ukrainian name – tsibulya gorodnya , popular names – tsibulya, onion.


Onion family – Auiaceae.

A widely known plant, cultivated throughout Ukraine as a vegetable crop. For medicinal purposes, fresh bulbs are used. They are harvested at the end of summer (August-September), when the aerial part wilts. Harvest 150-300 q/ha.

After trimming the aerial parts, the bulbs are dried in a dry, well-ventilated area, spread out on a clean bedding in one layer.

But GOST 1723-67 raw material consists of ripened whole, dry, clean bulbs with the remainder of the stem neck 2-5 cm long. The raw material is allowed: damaged bulbs no more than 5%; bulbs with a stem neck up to 10 cm – no more than 5; sprouted bulbs – up to 10%.

Packed in boxes or bags. Store in dry ventilated areas.

Fresh bulbs contain essential oil, the main component of which is disulfide, vitamin C, carotene, vitamin B, citric and malic acids. Traces of iodine were also found.

Onion has phytoncidal, antifungal, protistocidal properties and is used as a wound healing agent and tonic activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

The product alliliene is being prepared – which is used for intestinal atony, colitis, atherosclerosis.

Widely used as a food product.

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