Spoon grass (sea lettuce)



Biennial plant, rosettes of basal leaves develop during the first year of life; leaves with longish petioles, almost rounded, elnomarginal; in the spring of the next year, a flowering stem 15-40 cm high grows. The flowers are white, collected in racemes. The petals are twice as long as the sepals. The fruits are round-ovate pods with small reddish-brown seeds.

Cultivated in the Far East, in Siberia.

The herb is used for medicinal purposes.

Spoon grass preparations are astringent, diuretic, antiscorbutic and refreshing. They are used internally and externally (for rinsing).

It is also recommended for rheumatism, dropsy, leucorrhea, bad breath (for rinsing) and as a diuretic (with honey).


Tincture: on alcohol – 25% * I, 20 drops each: on vodka – 8 parts of grass to 6 parts of vodka: insist 8 days to use in the same position

Decoction: 20 g per 200 ml, I CT spoon 3 times in the shade For rinsing: decoction or tincture diluted 1:10

The juice from the leaves of the second year of growth is taken orally as an antiscorbutic agent – 20 drops 3 times every day.

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