Loboda is smelly – a smelly dream

Name: Loboda stinky – smelly dream

Chenopodium vulvaria ; stinking dream


An annual herbaceous plant of the quinoa family. The stem is ascending or spreading, branched from the base, 10-60 cm high. The leaves are alternate, long-petiolate, ovate, rhomboid-ovate or deltoid-ovate, obtuse, entire. The flowers are bisexual, 5-membered, collected at the end of the stem and branches and in the axils of the upper leaves in short and dense spike-shaped inflorescences; perianth leaves are dull, above the middle they are fused. The fruit is a nut. Blooms in July – September.

Distribution . The plant occurs in weedy and waste places, on slopes throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Raw. Herbs collected during the flowering period of the plant are used to make medicines.

The plant is unofficial.

Chemical composition . Stinking quinoa herb contains essential oil, alkaloids, betaine (1.14%), trimethylamine, choline, tannins and dye.

Pharmacological properties and use . In traditional medicine, stinky quinoa is used as an anthelmintic, antipyretic, pain reliever, and uterine remedy. It is also used as a substitute for valerian (a sedative). An infusion of this quinoa herb is used for hysteria, migraine, rheumatism, and various convulsions, and an infusion of the herb is used for colds and women’s diseases. Externally, herbal infusion is used for urticaria and scabies.

Medicinal forms and applications. Internally – herbal infusion (2 teaspoons of raw materials per 200 ml of boiling water are infused for 30 minutes) 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day 10-15 minutes before meals.

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