Loboda zapashna – fragrant gooseberry

Chenopodium botrys ; the dream is fragrant


An annual herbaceous yellowish-green plant of the quinoa family with a pleasant aromatic smell. The stem is straight, mostly branched, with elongated lower branches, 15-60 cm high. The lower and middle leaves are oblong, obtuse, matte, peristolobate; blades oval or egg-shaped; upper leaves are linear, entire. Flowers five-parted, rarely four-parted, bisexual, in branched axillary inflorescences, which as a whole form a loose pyramidal panicle; perianth leaves are densely covered with glandular hairs, ending in spikes. The fruit is a one-seeded nut with a thin membranous integument; seeds are round, easily compressed. Blooms in July – September.

Spread. The plant occurs on stony places, limestone, sand, along roads, as a weed in fields and gardens throughout Ukraine, except for the south of the Steppe.

Raw. Herbs (Herba Chenopodii botrydis) collected during the flowering period of the plant are used to make medicines. 22-23% of dry raw material is obtained. Store separately from other medicinal plants.

The plant is unofficial .

Chemical composition . The herb contains essential oil (up to 1.6%), triterpene saponins, alkaloids (0.18%), betaine (1.52%), triacetonamine, phenols (1%), flavonoids (0.66%), vitamin E, carotene, oxalic acid (1.5%).

Pharmacological properties and use . The main therapeutic property of quinoa is anthelmintic. In addition, the plant has antibacterial, protistocidal, fungicidal and phytoncide properties. An infusion of the herb is taken orally for dizziness, migraine, insomnia, to strengthen the work of the heart, for gastrointestinal disorders, as an antipyretic, diuretic, antiasthmatic, and hypotensive agent.

Externally , the infusion of the herb is used to treat skin diseases. Essential oil is obtained from the leaves, which is used in perfumery, soap making, and as an anthelmintic in medicine. Powder from dry leaves is used as an insecticide.

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