Lily is white. tiger lily

A houseplant that is often planted in the ground. Has an onion. The flowers are collected in a terminal raceme (sometimes solitary), within a flower bed with free or accreting lobes; anthers traditionally opening inwards. The flowers are white, sometimes pink.

In folk medicine, the white lily bulb is used as an external remedy for abscesses, and it is better to boil it with milk. A decoction of white lily flowers, together with honey and mustard flour in equal amounts, is a good ointment for removing freckles.

Another type of lily is the tiger lily, which is often called the beautiful lily by the people. It differs from the first one in that the flowers are not white, but orange-red, with spots on the petals.

In folk medicine, it is used as an external remedy. Indications and methods of application are the same as for the white lily.


A decoction of a slightly boiled onion is taken orally: 15 g per 200 ml, 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times every day (as a uterine pain reliever and hemostatic agent).

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