Parts used: bark.

Pharmacy name: Quebracho bark – Quebracho cortex (formerly: Cortex Quebracho).

Botanical description. Native to western Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, this vigorous evergreen tree is the only one of the 50 Aspidosperma species to have medicinal use. The quebracho tree, 13-20 m tall, is easy to recognize, as its crown shape resembles our weeping willow.

Collection and preparation. The gray or yellowish-brown bark is removed from an adult tree, dried in the air and put on sale in large, rolled or bent, pieces up to 3 cm in thickness.

active ingredients. The raw material contains a significant number of alkaloids, among which there is quebraquin-yuokhimbine and aspidospermine.

Healing action and application. Official medicine drew its knowledge of the quebracho tree from traditional medicine in Argentina and Bolivia. There, the bark and water and alcohol infusions prepared from it are used as a remedy for suffocation, fever, liver diseases, and for general strengthening. We use products prepared from quebracho bark as a variety of cough remedies. They are especially effective for patients with pneumoconiosis and spastic bronchitis, as well as for shortness of breath caused by cardiac asthma. Quebracho bark tea is rarely used.

Use in homeopathy. In homeopathy, the medicinal product Quebracho is used in a dilution of the second and 30% degree (D 1 and D 1 ) for pulmonary diseases, bronchial and cardiac asthma, for shortness of breath due to heart disease, as well as a general tonic.

Side effects. Avoid overdose, which may cause vomiting.

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