wild lettuce – wild lettuce

Yard grassy gray-green with milky juice of the roslin of the homeland of the aistrovs (folded flowers). Stem erect, furrowed, whitish-yellow, glabrous or below with hard bristles, 60-120 cm zavvishee. The leaves are sessile, with an arrow-like base, often pinnate, with patches wrapped back, along the edge of the finely prickly teeth, below along the middle vein of bristles, straight uphill. Flowers of tongue, two-state, pale-yellow, in numerous other small-sized flowers, which make hair-like flowers. Plid is a Simyanka. Blossom at the hearts – faiths.

Width . Wild lettuce grows like a weed in cities, near gardens throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Sirovina . With an exuberant method, vicorist leaves of dewdrop (Folia Lactucae) and hardened milky sik, the so-called lactucarium (Lactucarium). Leaves are picked up before the cob of koshikiv. You need to dry yoga as quickly as possible. Sob to possess lactucaria, sprout the top of the pink growth, and the milky sik, which winds from the wound, is taken with a knife from the cup, de vin and dries up. This operation is repeated once a day, the roblyachs are looking for a new view three times lower than the front view.

Roslin is unofficial .

Chemical warehouse . Mustard parts of the growth of the milky sik, to the warehouse of which enter the bitterness lactucerin, lactucin and lactucictin, alkaloids, resins and other speeches.

Pharmacological power and victory . Wild lettuce has a sedative, antispasmodic and sechogenic effect. Nastіy leaves and lactucaria zastosovuyut in case of nervous insomnia, increased reflex irritability, pain, bronchitis, laryngitis, whooping cough, bronchial asthma and as an additional zasіb in the treatment of epilepsy. As a diuretic zasіb lettuce is recommended for gout, ailments of sich michur and watery.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya . Internally – infused leaves (1 teaspoon of syrovin for 3 flasks of dill, infuse for 4 years, process) 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before eating.

Roslin is a badass. Overdose is not safe!

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