Lіlia lisova – forest lily

Bagatorichna cibulina roslina, the motherland of the lilies. Cibulina is ovoid, yellowish-creamy, folded into rich, meaty patches. The stem is upright, unbroken, green or with reddish speckles, naked or pubescent, 50-150 cm whorls. Leaves are whole, elliptical-lanceolate; the upper and lower ones are chergovі, the middle ones are ribbed 5-8 at the ring, more for the lower and upper ones. The tickets are correct, double, large, clear-purple, with dark-violet flames, selected from the upper ridges. Plid – a box. The color of the chervni is linden.

Width . Rіdkіsna roslina. Listed to the Chervonoy Book of Ukraine. Cultivated as an ornamental.

Sirovina. Flowers, leaflets and cibulins are made with a jubilant method.

Roslina is unofficial.

Chemical warehouse not included.

Pharmacological power and victory . In folk medicine, vicorist grows as a sechoginny, pain-killing and early healing treatment for zhovtyanitsy. Cibulini istivni. Eat fresh or with cookies, dry in reserve. Dried cibulini are ground into borosno, for which they cook corn milk porridge.

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