Bathing suit Siberian, Asian



Perennial herbaceous ornamental plant 30-60 cm high with pinnate-five-separated leaves and most often solitary (sometimes 2-3) bright orange rose-like flowers, from 3 to 5 cm in diameter. Blooms from mid-May to July. The fruits are collapsible leaflets with small twisted shiny seeds.

Distributed in the forest and forest-steppe zones of Siberia. In Altai, in the mountain forest belt, in the subalpine and alpine belts and in the tundra, a close species grows – the Altai swimsuit (Altai light), which is distinguished by smaller and narrower flower petals.

In folk medicine, an infusion of flowers is taken as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antiscorbutic, and an infusion of the root is used to treat dropsy, epilepsy and scabies (with subsequent intake of oatmeal infusion with honey).

The plant is poisonous.

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