Zea mays L.

Motherland M’yatlikovі – Roaseae, abo Zlakovі – Cramineae


How do you look? Odnorychna herbaceous growth, yak reach inkoli 3-4 m. The leaves are broadly lanceolate or lanceolate with parallel veins, as if with their feathers attached to the stem. Cholovіchі vouchers are taken from the great upper rozkidist volos, zhіnochі roztashovanі in the axils of the upper stem leaves at the ears (heads), from which the stovpchiki come out with long baits (hair, or in a different way). Flowers in linden – serpni.

De growth? Corn is an important grain and fodder roslin. Cultivated throughout the territory of Ukraine.

What and when to take? Stovpchiki with tricks (possibly kukurudzi – Stigmata Maydis) are taken in the period of milky stiffness, the color is yellow or blackish, and the smell is weak.

When to stall? Stovpchiki with tricks – tse zasib zhovchoginny, sechoginny, pronosny, krovospinny, protizapalny, protiapetitny (to drive in appetite and to live it, to lose weight). Mist vitamins A, B 1 B 2 , K 3, E and P, carotenoids, ascorbic and pantothenic acids, inositol, saponins, hydroglycoside speech, fatty acids, olis, sisterol, stigmasterol, resins and not more alkaloids, glycoquines. Live with liver ailments, for the treatment of liver stones, the usunennya bryakiv, associated with damaged heart activity. In case of hepatitis with obscured vision of the stomach, cholangitis and cholecystitis, it is like sechoginia, with stone disease and liver, it is like a blood spinal disease (to speed up the blood count and increase the number of platelets in the blood). Take 10 g of dried corn pods for 1 bottle of dill, insist 30 quills and live in spoons 4-5 times a day. In the germs of corn kernelsVitamin E, phosphatides, non-essential fatty acids, speech, necessary for the fight against old age. In order to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, administer corn oil in a dose of 15-25 g (1 tablespoon) trich per day (75 g), in courses for 3 days, with a break in the treatment for 3-4 days – 3-4 courses on river Oliya can be used to prepare herbs.

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