Kukil zvichayny – common cockle

Kukіl zvichayny (Agrostemma githago); common cockle


An annual herbaceous plant of the carnation family. The whole plant is covered with long soft hairs. The stem is erect, simple or branched, 30-80 cm high. The leaves are opposite, entire, entire, linear or linear-lanceolate. The flowers are large, regular, bisexual, 5-petalled, dark pink, occasionally white, single. The fruit is a box. Blooms in June – July.

Distribution . It grows as a weed in spring and winter crops throughout the territory of Ukraine. In connection with the improvement of agricultural technology, the cultivation of agricultural crops almost disappears.

Procurement and storage . Herb (Herba Agrostemmae) is used. It is harvested during the flowering of the plant. Dry under a tent or in the attic. 3 kg of raw grass yields 1 kg of dry grass.

The plant is unofficial .

Chemical composition . Triterpene saponins, flavonoids, phenol carboxylic acids, a significant amount of non-constitutional amino acids – orcylalanin (in leaves – 0.053%, in flowers – 0.096%) and allantoin, coumarins (in flowers) are found in the grass of the common moth. The seeds contain steroids (3.42%), triterpene saponins (2-6%), fatty oil (5.8-6.8%).

Pharmacological properties and use . Preparations made from the common Kukil grass have antimicrobial, protistocidal and soporific activity, they were used for colds, hysteria, bronchitis, gastric colic. Preparations from the seeds show anthelmintic, diuretic, hemostatic and expectorant effects. They are used for whooping cough, uterine bleeding, etc. In England and Germany, they were used to treat tumors of various origins. Bulgarian herbal medicine uses the grass and seeds of the common kukyl in the treatment of furunculosis, hemorrhoids and dermatoses (most often in the form of poultices or compresses from fresh leaves). It should be remembered that the common moth is a poisonous plant, especially seeds. Products with a doll should be used only as prescribed and under the supervision of a doctor.

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