A coffee tree

Rubiaceae – Rubiaceae.

Pharmacy name: medical charcoal made from coffee seeds – coffee charcoal – Cofteae carbo (formerly: Caibo Cofleae).

Botanical description. A small evergreen tree up to 6 m tall, in a lower culture. Leaves with petioles, leathery, elongated, up to 20 cm in length. Snow-white fragrant flowers are placed in false whorls in the axils of the leaves. The fruits (coffee berries) are first green, then red, and finally purple. Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. Now cultivated in many tropical areas.

active substances. Coffee charcoal contains caffeine, tannins, vitamins (Bp D) and a number of other substances, the benefits of which are obvious without justifying it.

Application. It is used as a cleansing and absorbing agent for gastrointestinal disorders (superior to all other types of medical coal), from gases, poisoning, and in the treatment of wounds.

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