Kremena hybridna – hybrid butterbur

Kremena hybrid (Petasites hybridus); kremena lіkarska; butterbur hybrid 

Bagatorichna herbaceous roslina of the homeland of aistrovihs (folded flowers). Maє m’yasiste bulbous-potovschene more rhizome. Stem flower-bearing, tovste, 30-60 cm whorl, white-pavutinous-pubescent, with luskovidny stalked leaves; lower stem leaves broadly ovate; upper – lanceolate. The basal leaves are dovgopetioles, rounded-tricut, at the base heart-shaped, from the sides – with 2-3 spades, along the edge – friable-neurodentate, below – grayish-powsty-pubescent. Flowers are tubular, zapashn, brudno-purple, in koshiki, which make a thick spike-like blossom on the tops of pagons. The color of the flower is herbal.

Width. Trapplyaetsya mainly in the Polish and forest-steppe areas, rozsiya – in the Carpathians and Hirsky Krym in water areas, along the banks of rivers and lakes, de establishing monodominant thickets.

Procurement and saving . For the preparation of vicarious leaves (Folia Petasitis officinalis) and rhizomes (Rhizoma Petasitis officinalis). Leaves are taken from red-linden, until they appear on new rusty patches, staring leaf blades without petioles. Dry under a nap or on the mountains until quiet fir, until the veins of the plate become soft. Dry syrovini comes out 14-15%. Lines of appurtenance – 3 years. Rootstocks dig autumn. Їx miyut and dry in a warm place, under a cloak, or in warm places. Dry syrovini come out 20%. Pharmacies do not allow syrovina.

Chemical warehouse . Rhizomes of triterpene saponins (6.7-7.6%), tannins of speech (over 5%), ethereal oliya (0.1-0.18%), traces of alkaloids, flavonoids (0.23-0.34%) , resinous speech, petazol, petazin, inulin and significant amount of manganese. The leaflets have the same speeches themselves, but in smaller quantities. The amount of flavonoids in the aboveground part (especially in the flowers) may be twice as high.

Pharmacological power and victory . It has been experimentally shown that the products of the rhizomes of Kremeni hybrid have an antispasmodic effect. The leaves of the roslin enter to the warehouse of sumishi for the preparation of a potion according to the prescription of M. N. Zdrenko, as a vicorist in the treatment of papilomatosis of the sich michur and anacid gastritis. In folk medicine, the leaves or roots of the roots are used for dry coughs, as a cough, for ailments of the duodenum and the twelfth colon, nerve spasms, ass, hysterical seizures, flatulence and constipation. Zovnіshno fresh vicarious leaves for healing wounds and changing swellings, poultices from the leaves – for changing gouty and rheumatic pain.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya .

Internally – infused leaves (2 teaspoons of leaves per 200 ml of okrop ) 1 tablespoon 3 times a day;

vodvar rhizomes (1 teaspoon of syrovin per 200 ml of okrop) drink 2 flasks a day, in buckets;

infusion of rhizomes (2 teaspoons of rhizomes per 200 ml of infusion of barley or barley groats, boil for 10 minutes on a small fire) drink 1 tablespoon of honey 3 times a day;

sumish of rhizomes of flint hybrid (25 g) and piriya pozuchy (20 g), herbs of veronica likarskoy (20 g) and tricolor violets (30 g) are prepared like infusions (2 tablespoons of sumish for 1 liter of okrop, boiled for 15 min.) i p’yut after gout;

dvar rhizomes of Kremeni hybrid (25 g of rhizomes per 1 liter of okrop) drink warm in a quarter of a bottle 3 times a day for 2-6 months with severe ailment.

Zovnishno – poultices from fresh or dry leaves.

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