Homeland – the Mediterranean. Cultivated by almost all countries of all continents of the world. The main producing countries (except the USSR) are Morocco, Guatemala, Mexico, and the USA.

Mature fruits (Fructus Coriandri) contain 0.7-1.4% essential oil with 50-80% linalool, small amounts of geraniol and borneol and their acetic esters, monocyclic (terpinene and phellandrene) and bicyclic (pinene) terpenes.

Coriander fruits are used as a means of improving digestion: they act as an antispasmodic for flatulence; are also prescribed as a secretolytic, choleretic and expectorant. Included in many collections. Essential oil (or rather, linalool) serves as a raw material for the production of citrap.

The plant contains acyclic monoterpenes.

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