Hemp is sown

Cannabis sativa L.

The hemp family is Cannabaceae


What does it look like? Dioecious annual herbaceous plant, up to 2 m tall, with an intoxicating smell. The leaves are opposite, alternate, five- or seven-lobed, serrated at the edges, rough. Flowers are small, in small clusters, yellow, unisexual. The fruit is a nut, the so-called hemp family. Blooms in July – August.

Where does it grow? All over the territory of Ukraine. It is sown as a field crop, often goes wild.

What and when are collected? Flowers and leaves – in summer, family – in autumn.

When is it used? With a strong cough, hoarseness, dropsy, overexertion, overfatigue. Roasted cumin with salt enhances sexual performance.

It is used as a tea. For 1 cup of boiling water, take 1 teaspoon of flowers, leaves or seeds and infuse for 10 minutes (with dropsy, milk is used instead of water). Napar sweetened with honey is drunk 2 glasses a day, in sips. An infusion from the tops relieves pain and has a soporific effect. Hemp contains volatile oil, volatile and non-volatile alkaloids, cannabinoid glycoside, phytoncides. The seeds contain salts of inositol phosphoric acid (phytin).

With urolithiasis, in those cases when blood enters the urine and when urine is retained due to spasmodic phenomena, so-called hemp milk is prepared from dry pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds mixed in equal parts. Grind 2 glasses of the mixture well in a clay vessel, gradually adding boiling water from a glass. They strain, squeeze and drink everything during the day. Treatment is long. If you get tired of such milk, you can sweeten it with sugar or honey, eat it with cool unsalted buckwheat porridge, add fruit juice, cocoa, black coffee.

The same milk, but from the hemp seed itself (2 parts of the seed and 1 part of boiling water) is mixed hot with a mushy homogeneous mass made from the scraped fresh green pulp of the bark, (cambium) of black elderberry or thorn and carefully applied to the inflamed of places of interest. The dried bandage is removed, having previously lubricated it with a cotton ball soaked in hemp milk, and the aforementioned paste is applied again until the inflammation disappears. Hemp milk, taken internally, increases milk production in lactating women and accelerates postpartum secretions. Seed and chaff as a softening and pain-relieving agent are used in the form of a poultice for mastitis, chronic rheumatism; lotions for burns and abscesses are made from oil or ground seeds.

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