Bell crowded, or prefabricated

COLLECTIVE (primary grass)


Perennial with short woody rhizome and short-haired or bare stem up to 50 cm tall. The lower leaves are broadly lanceolate, petiolate, the upper ones are sessile. The flowers are regular, small, blue-violet bells, densely collected in capitate inflorescences. Blooms in June-August.

Distributed in the forest, forest-steppe and steppe zones, as well as in the mountains of Western, Central and Eastern Siberia. Grows in upland and alpine meadows, forests and forest edges, among shrubs.

The decoction has long been used in folk medicine as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic for headaches and fever, tonsillitis and inflammatory processes in the throat, female bleeding. It is used internally in the form of an infusion of herbs and for gargling, mouth with hoarseness of the vocal cords and throat diseases. Outwardly, lotions are used for breast and erysipelas.

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