Book of Benedictine – Book of Benedictine

(Cnicus benedictus); cross root; Book of Benedictine


Odnorichna, more dvorichna pavutinist-hairy herbaceous growth of the homeland of the aistrovs (folded flowers). The stem is erect, prickly, lipcosalose, 30-50 cm whorl, with downy needles. Leaves grayish-green, pinnate or toothed-shoveled, with spines on teeth; basal leaflets sound to the base into a winged petiole, stalk – chergovі, sessile. Flowers of drіbnі, trubchastі, zhovtavі, zіbranі single koshiki on the top of the stalk and tips of the bays; collar with yellow prickly leaves. Plid is a Simyanka. The color of the chervni is linden.

Width. Wild growth in the Caucasus and in Central Asia. In Ukraine, rosemary is grown in gardens. Inkoli wild.

Procurement and saving . For the preparation of vicarious herbs (Herba Cnici benedicti, synonymous with Herba Cardui benedicti), yak is harvested for the hour of flower growth. Pick the tops of the stems and basal leaves. Dry on a free floor in a zamka or in dryers at a temperature not exceeding 45°. Dry syrovini comes out 20-25%. Take away from dry soil.

Chemical warehouse . Grass of the book of Benedictine revenge sesquiterpene lactone knitsin (0.2%), hydrochloric acid and tannins of speech, resins (5%), sterols, mucus, ethereal oliya, ascorbic acid.

Pharmacological power and victory . In the science of medicine, herbs vicorist grow like a zasib, which stimulates the appetite and pollinates the etching. The power of the growth of the mind in the presence of the glycoside knitsin, which at therapeutic doses increases sensitivity to savory podrazniki, stimulating the vision of shlunk juice and changing the fermentation in the intestines; large doses cause liver, vomiting, colic and diarrhea. In folk medicine, rosewood is used for gout, zhovtyanitsy, constipation, atony of the mucosal-intestinal tract after inflammation, with bronchial asthma, catarrhs ​​of the dyhal pathways and as a result, which stimulates the nervous system and regulates the menstrual cycle. Sumish potovchennoy fresh herbs with ammonium chloride vicorist for jubilation shkir cancer.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya .

Internally – infusion of herbs (1 tablespoon of syrovin per 400 ml of dill, infuse for 1 year) in a glass of water 4 times a day before eating;

tea with roselin herbs (1 teaspoon of syrovin per 200 ml of okrop, infuse 10 khvilin) ​​drink 1 glass of vrants in your heart and in the evening as an ominous zasіb after a thriving sickness;

one tablespoon of sumish herb book (20 g), polyna hot and centaury small (10 g each) insist 10 khvilin on a glass of okrop and drink a glass of water 3 times a day for 30 khvilin before їdi to stimulate appetite;

one tablespoon of sumish (polyvnu) herb book, fruits of barberry, savage birch, brunok of warty birch, leaves of hairy mountain, herb of splendid spice and tree of splendour, infuse 10 khvilin on a glass of okrop and sip with hepatitis for 2-3 days;

a tablespoon of sumishi (porivnu) herb book, measles buckthorn lamkoi, fruits of cumin, herb zvіrobe svіchaynogo and tree zvichayny infuse 10 khvilin on a bottle of okrop and drink 2-3 bottles a day with cirrhosis of the liver.

It is contraindicated to live the product of the book in case of ailments .

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