sugar maple

saccharum Marsch.


Maple sugary – A. saccharinum L.


Large trees up to 30-35 m tall, growing in Northeast America, where they are cultivated for maple sugar. Its preparation was known to the Indians long before the appearance of Europeans. Juice is obtained in spring (at a height of 20-30 cm from the soil plane). Juice (“pasok”) expires slowly, since the root pressure, which provides the “weeping” of the plant, is traditionally low. From one tree, 20-25 liters of apiaries are obtained, containing within 4% sugar. After collecting the apiary, it is evaporated to a syrup, reminiscent of fresh honey in consistency and color.

A useful restorative medicinal product, it can be successfully produced from the domestic species of maple – A. platanoides L. (Bashkir, Tatar and Chuvash Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republics).

The plant belongs to sugar, contains carbohydrates. SUGAR-BEARING PLANTS Sugar-bearing plants are understood as plants in which large amounts of monosaccharides (glucose, fructose) and sucrose accumulate.

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