Chubat kittyatki – crested source

(Polygala comosa); crested source


Bagatorichna herbaceous roslina, the homeland of the whales. The stalk is rich, the stench is simple, it may be naked, the base is white, the crown is 10-25 cm. Leaves black, simple, whole, 3-3.5 cm wedge and 4-5 mm fringes; the lower ones are ovate-elliptic-dovgast, the stems are linear-lanceolate. The tickets are two-sided, incorrect, 5-pelustkovy, blue-violet or horn-colored, sometimes in bagatokvitkovyh kits; prikvitki perevyshchayut dozhina kvіtkovyh bruniok and utvoryuyut on the top of the swirl of chubok. Plid – a box. Flowering in herbs – chervni.

Width. Grows on dry bows, knots, fox galyavins, near steppe depressions in Polissya and in Liso-steppe, and more – in the frontiers of the Carpathians and in the steppe zone.

Sirovina. Vykoristovuyut grass, zіbranu pіd hіtіnnya vіtіnnya roslini, i korenі, like digging autumn.

Roslin is unofficial .

Chemical warehouse. Roslin revenge the number of saponins.

Pharmacological power and victory . Weed herbs with vicor roots as a cure for gostrikh and chronic catarrhs ​​of the larynx, bronchi and leg.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya.

Vidvar (5-10 g of selected roots and herbs per 300 ml of okrop) 1 tablespoon 4 times a day.

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