Siberian kittiwakes – istod siberian

(Polygala sibirica); Siberian senega; istod siberian


Perennial herbaceous plant of the cetacean family. They have a small multi-headed rhizome, which turns into a rod-shaped, sparsely branched root. Stems are numerous, pressed-pubescent, weakly branched, 10-25 cm high. The leaves are alternate, whole, entire, petiolate, elliptic-lanceolate, short pubescent above, glabrous below, 15-35 mm long, 9-10 mm wide. The flowers are bisexual, irregular, pale purple or bluish, on drooping peduncles, collected in one-sided axils, rarely apical tassels. The fruit is two nests, a flattened round heart-shaped box. Blooms in May – July.

Spread. Siberian cattails grow on limestone dry rocky slopes, chalk and clay outcrops in the forest-steppe (along the Dniester and its tributaries), in the southeast in the Dinets basin and in the south of the Donetsk region (watershed of the Kalmius and Mius rivers).

Procurement and storage . Rhizomes with roots (Radix Polygalae sibiricae) are used to make medicines. Before the aerial part withers, the roots are dug up, carefully cleaned from the ground (do not wash in water) and dried in the open air (in the shade or in the sun) or in a room with good ventilation. 30-32% of dry raw material is obtained. The shelf life is 4 years.

The plant is unofficial.

Chemical composition. The plant contains saponin substances (senegin, polygallic acid), haulterine glycoside, tannins, fatty and essential oils.

Pharmacological properties and use . Siberian cattails are used as an effective expectorant in acute and chronic diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract. Along with this, the plant is used for diarrhea, inflammation of the urinary bladder, as a bitter to improve appetite, and externally as a wound healing agent.

Medicinal forms and applications .

Internally – root decoction (20 g of raw material per 200 ml of boiling water) 1 tablespoon 4-5 times a day. Preparations from whalebone are non-toxic, without side effects.

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