Black-fruited dogwood – black-fruited dogwood

chernoplodny dogwood


A small (80-200 cm tall) bush of the rose family. Leaves alternate, ovate or elliptic, entire, rounded at the top, obtuse; above, dark green, sparsely hairy; from below – densely white downy. The flowers are bisexual, regular, 5-petalled, 5-15 each in raceme- or shield-shaped inflorescences; petals are rounded, 3-4 mm long, white, pale pink at the end of flowering. Fruits are not true (apple-shaped), ovoid, 6-7 mm in diameter, black, with a whitish coating. Blooms in May – June.


Spread. Black-fruited dogwood grows scattered throughout almost the entire territory of Ukraine (except the Crimea) on rocky slopes, among shrubs.

Raw material . Herbs (shoots together with leaves) and fruits are used for medicinal purposes. The grass is harvested during the flowering of the plant. Fruits are consumed fresh.

The plant is unofficial .

Chemical composition. The leaves of the plant contain flavonoids, a glycoside, ascorbic acid (230-250 mg%). The fruits contain alkaloids, coumarins, flavonoids, ascorbic acid (50 mg %).

Pharmacological properties and use . Black-fruited dogwood has diuretic, choleretic and astringent properties. Among the people, herbal infusion is used for dropsy, jaundice and diarrhea of ​​various origins. Fruits are eaten to improve metabolism.

Medicinal forms and applications. Internally – herbal infusion (1 tablespoon of raw material per 200 ml of boiling water, infuse for 1-2 hours, filter) a quarter of a glass 3-4 times a day.

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