Phaseolus vulgaris L.


A single herb culture from the homeland of legumes (Fabaceae). Zastosuvannya may not zowsіm stigli, harvested autumn, fertilized kvassoli (without fruits), yakі mіstya inositol, phytosterol, alaptoin, sucrose, amino acids – asparagine, tyrosine, tryptophan; hemicellulose, mono-amino fatty acids, silicon, copper, cobalt.

When to stall? In case of hypertension, in 1 liter of water, boil for 3-4 years 15-20 g of freshly dried peeled kvass; sip it cold on pivsklyanka 4-5 times a day. In case of diabetes, sum 20 g of burdock roots, bast quasol and leaves of wild blackberry, insist on 1 liter of water for 12 years, boil 5 quilin, insist for 1 year and drink through the first year after 3/4 bottles 5 times day. With sich stones 1 tablespoon of sumish pods (lushpinnya) of kvass, leaves of blackberry, grass of a thousand-leaved tree, flowers of blackthorn, herb of horsetail and herb of zvіrobe at spіvvіdnoshennі 3:3:3:3:6:6 insist on 1 curse of cold water, water for 6 years bring to a boil, sip a flask for a sprat once a day.

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