Siberian iris

Perennial herbaceous plant with creeping rhizome and stem up to 80 cm high. Leaves are green, linear. The flowers are blue, grow 2-3 at the top of the stem on pedicels of different lengths. Blooms in June.

Distributed in the southern half of the forest zone in Western Siberia, found in Transbaikalia and the upper Amur region.

It grows in forest meadows, in sparse birch forests.

Medicinal raw materials are rhizomes.

In folk medicine, it is considered cardiac, antiscorbutic, diuretic, hemostatic and anthelmintic drugs. An infusion of rhizomes is drunk for heart pain, anemia, scurvy, dropsy, bleeding of various origins and worms.

In addition to these species, xiphoid iris and Russian iris (Uzik) are used in Siberian folk medicine and Tibetan.

In folk medicine, the iris rhizome is not often used. It is boiled with water and drunk with catarrh of the stomach, fright, for hair growth.

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