Kalachiki lisovі – forest mallow

One or the other is a courtyard (rarely – bagatorichna) herbaceous growth of the Malvovian homeland. Stem erect or viskhidne, 30-100 (120) cm whorl, galusiste, covered with zhorstky wiry hairs. Leaves are black, roundish-heart-shaped, 5-7-blade, serrated-toothed, soft-hairy, on long petioles, covered with rough hairs. Flowers 30-40 mm in diameter, regular, double, on long flowers, 2-5 in the axils of leaves; vein with 5 wrapped ovoid, eels – hylic, clear erysipelas, with raspberry-chervonim veins of pellets, in 3-4 streaked per calyx. Plіd – from the numerical, distribution of the kіltse fruit-bearers. Bloom from lime until spring.

Width . Forest rolls trapleyayutsya in light forests, mid-chagar forests, white roads, fields, cities, sightseeing places throughout the territory of Ukraine, and more often in forest areas and in the forest-steppe beer.

Procurement and saving . For the preparation of liquor, root (Radix Malvae silvestris), leaves (Folia Malvae silvestris), flowers (Flores Malvae silvestris) or grass (Herba Malvae silvestris) are used. Leafing or the entire above-ground part (grass) is harvested for an hour of blooming growth. Leaves are shaved so that the excess petioles do not exceed 2 cm. The root is digging the autumn. On the first day, the selected syrovina is dried in the sun, and then we dry it for Ukrainians. Dry leaves come out 16-17%, flowers – 18%, herbs – 22%. Save syrovina in a dry place.

Roslina is unofficial.

Chemical warehouse . The above-ground part of the growth is rich in mucous and tannic speeches, zukri, carotene and vitamin C. In flowers, cream, and barves of speech (malvin, malvidin).

Pharmacological power and victory. The fox balls sing help to mitigate, exhalation, enveloping, calming, and painfully mourning. Mucus has a large adsorption surface and is antitoxic. Preparations of fox rolls are taken in the middle in case of ailments of the dyhal passages (bronchitis, dry persistent cough, hoarseness thin), with flaming processes in the mucus and intestines, and with diarrhea. To strengthen the therapeutic effect of flowers and leaves of fox rolls, eat with flowers of buckwheat, wild buckwheat and wild poppy, and with grass honeydew likarskoy. It is good to look at the rinse, washing, lotion and poultices rolls of wood vicorist in case of gingivitis, burning camps of the upper distal paths, in case of tonsillitis and hemorrhoids for the treatment of opium, wounds, virazok, various forms of dyshidrosis and other diseases. Often, foxtail rolls are like a substitute for an algea of ​​a doctor. To warehouse likuvalno-prophylactic diet include salads from a young leaf of kalachikiv.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya .

Internally – fresh flowers or leaves (1 tablespoon of syrovin per 400 ml of okrop, infuse for 1 year) in pivsklyanka 3 times a day before їdi, pіdsolodzhuyuchi honey;

infused leaves (2 teaspoons of syrovin per 200 ml of cold boiled water, infuse for 3-5 years) drink 1 bottle per day;

steam the sum (in equal measure) of flowers of fox rolls, buckwheat, wild buckwheat, wild poppy and honeydew herb (50 g sumish per 1 liter of okrop, steamed at a thermos nich) 1 glass 5 times a day;

lettuce – remember the leaves of kalachikiv zanuryuyut for 1 quill in okrip, trim, add cibules, chron and salt, mix, season with tops (for 100 g of kalachik leaves, take 25 g of rіpchastoy tsibuli, 25 g of grated chron, 20 g of tops of that force).

Zovnіshnyo — vіdvar sumіshі flowers and leaves of fox rolls (1 table spoon in 1 vial of water) for rinsing and lotion;

nastіy sumіshi (porivnu) flowers of fox rolls, althea likarskoi, black elderberry and divini densely flowered (1-2 teaspoons of sumіshi per 200 ml of okrop) for rinsing and lotion;

a warm surplus after treatment with infusion of flowers or leaves of rolls is applied to opikiv 2-3 times a day at the sight of poultices;

Nastіy pelyustok kalachikіv (two bunches per 200 ml of okrop, insist 10 khvilin) ​​vicorist warm for compresses with fissures of the anus (Fissura ani);

lotion – 2 tablespoons of follicle leaves insist on 300 ml of cold boiled water for 1 year and vicorist for compresses (lotions) with supernatural fat content of skins;

sumish herbs kalachikіv lіsovikh (200 g), herbs polyna zvichaynogo, flowers of chamomile lіkarskoj, grains vіvsa sown (150 g each) pour 5 l of okrop, insist for a long day, boil in the evening and add to the bath, take it for a cold when you are sick (trivality of the procedure – 20-30 minutes).


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