Kalanchoe pinnate

Perennial evergreen plant up to 100 cm tall. The leaves are fleshy, juicy, ovate in the lower part of the stem, large, trifoliate or pinnate in the upper part of the stem, mostly oblong, ovate, the edges of the leaves are serrated, on which young plants develop in large numbers. The flowers are tubular, collected at the ends of the branches in large racemose inflorescences.

Kalanchoe blooms profusely from January to the end of May. The plant did well in room culture. Its rapid growth captivates lovers of home flowers. Kalanchoe is native to South America.

For medicinal purposes, the juice of the stems and leaves is used. Juice, like aloe juice, has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes rapid cleansing and healing of wounds and ulcers, does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes, and has low toxicity. It is used externally in the form of dressings in surgical practice for the treatment of purulent wounds, trophic ulcers of the lower leg, bedsores. In dental practice, it is used for inflammation of the gums. Heals cracks in dry skin of hands, feet and nipples in nursing mothers.


Juice is prepared as follows. Fresh cut leaves and the green part of the stems are stored in the dark at a temperature of plus 5-10 degrees for a week, then they are washed in running water and ground in a meat grinder. It turns out a homogeneous mass, which is squeezed out, the liquid part is defended. At a temperature of 4-10 degrees Celsius sterilized, filtered and preserved. It appears to be a clear yellow liquid with an orange tint.

And also give respect to the statue of Kalanchoe peristae

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