Melissa leaf censer (Sarmatian)



A fragrant plant with a straight pubescent stem 20-50, sometimes 80 cm high. The leaves are large, up to 9 cm long, ovate or broadly oval with an acute apex and a short-wedge-shaped base, sparsely pubescent, on petioles. The flowers are large, 3-4 cm long, white, with a pinkish upper middle lobe of the lower lip, several in the axils of the upper leaves, all facing the same direction. Blooms in May-June.

Grows in mixed forests.

Contains coumarin, flavonoids, essential oil.

Medicinal raw material in folk medicine is the herb collected during flowering.

They drink tincture of herbs on vodka for stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, pain in the stomach, abdomen (honey is often added); with pulmonary tuberculosis (also add honey, butter or pork fat), colds, diseases of the liver, heart, with women’s diseases, pour erysipelas. Indicates the use of the plant for diarrhea, as a diuretic, wound healing; in boils in the mouth and against catarrhs.

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