Centaury garni – beautiful centaury

Golden centaury garni (Centaurium pulchellum); centaury beautiful 

Odnorichna grassy roslina of the homeland of the Tirlichevs. The stem is upright, chotirigranne, like the base of the roschepyreno-rozgaluzhen. 5-15 cm folds. The leaves are opposite, sessile, entire: the lower ones are turned-ovate, do not make rosettes, the upper ones are species of genolanceolate or lanceolate, zagostreni. The flowers are two-state, correct, picked with nape umbrellas in the forks of the stem and on the tops of the veins; vіnochok flower-shaped, erysipelas or bіluvaty. Plid – a box. Blossom at the hearts – faiths.

Width. Growth on water bows throughout the territory of Ukraine, Crimean mountain regions and polyny Step.

Procurement and saving . For the preparation of vicarious herb (Herba Centaurii), yak is taken on the cob of flowering growth. Viewed under a surface rosette of leaves of the stem to dry in a ventilated place or in a shade on a dry floor. Dry syrovini comes out 25-26%. Lines of appurtenance – 2 years. Sirovina is admitted by pharmacies.

Chemical warehouse. The grass of the Garnish Garnish Mary Main 0.6-1% Alkalovydiv (passing Gentzianin), Girki Glikozidi (Erytaurin, Eritrotentaurin TA INSHI), Flavonodi (Aprin, Lutheolin, Cosmosyan, Apivoteline, Rutin, Astragerin, Keverin, Keverlein, Keverin, Keverin, Keverin, Keverin. інші), triterpenoids (most importantly oleanolic acid), phytosterols and ethereal oliya. In fresh herbs, ascorbic acid and carotenoids, but when dried, the stench may ruinate more.

Pharmacological power and victory. Centaury garni stimulates the secretion of the herbal tract, promotes zhovchovidlennya, strengthens the peristalsis of the intestines and the shortness of the uterus, reveals antiseptic, pain-killing, weakly carrying and anthelmintic diarrhoea. In scientific medicine, centaury vicarious is like hot water for awakening appetite, reducing etching and strengthening intestinal motility. Nastya herbs of centaury show therapeutic activity in case of hypacid gastritis, some dyspepsia, flatulence, liver disease, mukhura and nirok with worms. In obstetric and gynecological practice, the products of centaury are used to accelerate the contraction of the uterus in the postnatal period, for uterine hemorrhage after abortion, and in case of inflammation of the female organs. Tincture of herbs on Provencal olive vicorist, for the treatment of the gomelka virazka (Ulcus cruris). Золототисячник використовують як народний засіб при зниженому апетиті, розладі травлення, особливо при підвищеній кислотності шлункового соку, печії, метеоризмі, шлунковій кровотечі та при хворобах печінки, жовчних шляхів і нирок, при геморої, туберкульозі легень і периферичних лімфатичних вузлів, цукровому діабеті й хворобах шкіри , against alcoholism, for renewal of strength after falling ill with a severe hot state and with influenza. The centaury herb enters the warehouse of appetizing teas, shell teas and hot tinctures; % alcohol in such a quantity, so you can prepare 1 liter of tincture. Side products of centaury small do not show, but overdosing causes discord etching.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya.

Internally – tincture of herb gіrku (Tinctura amara) 10-20 drops 7-3 times a day for 15-20 whilins before їdi to increase appetite and polypshennia etching;

infusion of herbs (10 g of syrovina per 200 mm of okrop) drink half or third of a bottle of heat 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before going to stimulate appetite and etching with a decrease in the function of the mucosal-intestinal tract;

infusion of herbs (1 tablespoon of syrovin per 1 liter of okrop) in a glass of trichi per day for the first year to їdi with hyperacid gastritis, which is accompanied by a stove;

Nastіy sumіshi 3 tablespoons of herb centaury garnius and 3 tablespoons of herb St. John’s wort in 5 flasks okrop drink in pіvsklyanki 4-5 times a day with chronic hyperacid gastritis, which is accompanied by a disorder of the function of the intestines;

one tablespoon of sumish herb of centaury moth grass (25 g), marigold celandine (25 g), medicinal rutka (25 g) and root kulbabi medicinal (25 g) per 1 bottle zhovchoginny zasib;

infusion of herbs (20 g of syrovina per 200 ml of okrop) in a third of a bottle of three times a day for an early contraction of the uterus in the postnatal period, for uterine bleeding after an abortion, with flamboyant ailments of the female organs;

two tablespoons of sumish herbs of centaury centaury (20 g), champagne likarskoy (20 g), common spice (40 g) and great plantain (40 g) pislyapologovyh fuse diseases (endometritis, metroendometritis, sepsis);

infusion of 1 tablespoon of the sum of 4 parts of the garnet centaury and 1 part of the polynu zvichayny in 1 glass of okrop to be used 1 tablespoon of trich per day for alcoholism;

with influenza 4 tablespoons of sum (poly) herbs of the golden centaury, the leaves of the trifoliate bean and the flowers of the chamomile are poured with 3 flasks of okrop, insist 10 quilin and sip per day, and in the evening sip 100 g of burner, heated with 1 spoon of honey.

Zovnishnyo – tincture of herbs on Provence olії at spіvvіdnoshnі 1:10 (insist 20 deb) for smearing gomіlka virazka 1-2 times a day.

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