Siberian snakehead



A herbaceous plant with a branched stem, oblong-ovate leaves and longish racemose inflorescences ending at the top of the stem with a dense whorl of blue-lilac flowers. Blooms in June-July.

Distributed in the southern half of the forest and forest-steppe zones, it rises in the mountains to the upper limit of the forest almost throughout Siberia.

Grows in sparse pine and deciduous forests, forest and steppe meadows, fallow lands, near dwellings.

Medicinal raw material is a herb. In folk medicine, an infusion of herbs is drunk for sore throats, female bleeding, and mixed with fir sulfur for pulmonary tuberculosis.

In Transbaikalia, an infusion of herbs is taken for headaches. In Tibetan medicine – for stomatitis, gastroenteritis, inflammation of the kidneys.

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