Ziziphora cuneiform

Ziziphora wedge-shaped (odorous, odorous)


Perennial strongly odorous plant with a thick woody rhizome, with several stems 8-40 cm high, covered with hairs. Stem leaves are ovate, slightly hairy. The flowers are pinkish-lilac, clustered at the top of the stem in a dense capitate inflorescence. Blooms from late June to late August.

Distributed in Altai, along the slopes of the Kuznetsk Alatau, in Mountain Shoria and in the upper reaches of Abakan. It grows on rocky slopes, along rocky river banks, less often in pine forests of the Altai Ob region.

Medicinal raw material is a herb. An essential oil containing pulegone, menthol, alcohol was found in the leaves and inflorescences, and phytoncides were also found.

In scientific medicine, ziziphor oil is used as an analgesic. A decoction from the aerial part of the plant is used for compresses and aromatic baths.

In Siberian folk medicine, herbal infusion and tincture of vodka are used as a sedative for the heart, for colds, scrofula. Outwardly – from toothache and rheumatism.

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